The NP1-L is essentially the 2021 NP1’s big brother, with almost identical components and features, and even the same DLP Engine, except for a different lens. The number of pixels is the same, but over a larger print area. 2560 x 1600 at 130 microns, with a Z resolution of 100 microns. It has close to 4 times the build volume, and therefore the number of potential applications is exponentially higher.

This printer was built for higher throughput of parts in a production setting, larger anatomical models, and adult size orthotics and prosthetic devices. All at record print speeds.

Like the 2021 NP1, the speed is determined by the resin’s viscosity and part geometry, printing as fast as possible at each step of the print process, and with the sensors able to leverage the many benefits of the Intelligent Liquid Interface (TM) Low Pull Force membrane. Lower separation forces means faster printing and fewer supports.

Delivery of systems start in August, 2021.

NP1-L DLP 3D Printer

Build Volume
335 x 210 x 400 mm

Software package
Materialise Magics Print DLP + NP1-L optimization package

Resolution XY
131 μm

Resolution Z
100 μm

ILITM, Intelligent Liquid Interface

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    NOTE: The NP1-L is an industrial 3D printer made for organizations that have a clear additive manufacturing plan and need high resolution, high-speed 3D printing.