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The materials listed on this page are only some of the already tested and calibrated materials. Upon request, we can add any material from the complete lists linked below.

Ultracur3D from ForwardAM


LOCTITE 3D Printing Materials


Ultracur3D® ST 80

Reactive Urethane Photopolymer for Rigid Applications

Ultracur3D® ST 80 is new to the Forward AM Tough line of reactive urethane photopolymers. It is an impressively cost-effective allrounder that delivers high toughness, impact resistance, and long-term stability of 3D printed parts at a very attractive price.

Example Applications: Electrical casings, Customised consumer goods and tools, Orthopedics, High detail and textured parts

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Ultracur3D® RG 35

Reactive Urethane Photopolymer for Rigid Applications

Ultracur3D® RG 35 by Forward AM is a medium-viscosity, highly reactive urethane photopolymer for Rigid applications that provides very high stability and stiffness, good temperature stability, and low water uptake. It is very well suited to 3D printing high performance functional parts.

Example Applications: Automotive housings, Jigs and fixtures, Mounds and inserts, Electronical casings

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Ultracur3D® EL 60

Reactive Urethane Photopolymer for Elastic Applications

Ultracur3D® EL 60 by Forward AM is a very versatile reactive urethane photopolymer for highly Elastic applications, combining very good torsional strength and elongation at break with high softness (Shore 71A) and low water uptake. It shows almost no compression set over time, and is very easy to print.

Example Applications: Footwear, Prototyping, Cushioning pads, Flexible grip

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LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness

High impact, semi-flexible resin suitable for broad applications

LOCTITE 3D 3843 TM is  semi-flexible resin with moderate temperature resistance HDT60, high impact strength, and versatile for a broad range of applications. This material is a high-strength engineering plastic with good impact resistance and excellent surface finish. It is ideal for a wide variety of tools in the production floor. displays high green strength and HDT enabling it to print accurately and function at room temperature. It is compatible with a broad range of DLP machines. Colors: Matte Black, White, Clear, Gray

Example Applications: Manufacturing aids, Jigs and fixtures, Housings and covers, Automotive (various)

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LOCTITE 3D 8195 A80 High Rebound

Flexible & easy to print

Elastomeric material formulated to have firm compression properties with extremely quick rebound performance to emulate soft rubber material. The material is easy to print and it is recommended for gaskets, seals and anatomical models. Color: Red, Grey

Example Applications: Anatomical models

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Also, already calibrated and tested: Loctite 3172, IND405, and many more.