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ILITM Technology

The Intelligent Liquid Interface is a transparent wettable membrane between the photo-curing resin and the light source. The membrane is chemically designed to enable faster movement between cured layers. This eliminates the mechanical processes used on conventional 3D printing techniques allowing us to grow objects at record breaking speeds.

How it works

A combination of our membrane and software algorithm allows us to optimize print times for each object and material.

Smart Software

Materialise software prepares the files for the printer. Once the file is sent, our software acts as the second stage, designed to optimize print times at every instance of the printing process, taking object shape and material used into consideration.

Images for 3D Printed Heart

The images below show two example cross-sections of a 3D Printed heart. The pattern is projected from the projector onto the printing plane. Our algorithm analyzes each image to optimize printing time.