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ILITM, Intelligent Liquid Interface

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Who is NewPro3D?

About Us

NewPro3D is a Vancouver based company that focuses on ultra-fast 3D Printing of photopolymers. Our process can be used with a wide variety of materials, and we are able to offer some of the best materials available for DLP printing through strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading resin companies.

We are currently collaborating with Universities and Hospitals, where the accelerated rate of additive manufacturing contributes to better communication and procedures in radiology and dental departments.

Our mission is to enable medical professionals to provide better care for their patients through the use of additive manufacturing technology. We focus on this by developing and commercializing technology that produces 3D models at a fast rate, which are then used to plan procedures, receive consent, and to improve people’s mobility in the case of orthotics and prosthetics.

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Comparison speed test

Below is the comparison of 3D printing an object with different printing processes.

SLA 690 Minutes
SLS 210 Minutes
Polyjet 180 Minutes
ILI™ NewPro 3D 4.5 Minutes