We have developed a new 3D printing process that is set to change 3D printing standards forever by cutting down printing times of an object from hours to just a few minutes. On the surface, our method of 3D printing resembles that of a conventional bottom-up 3D Printing system. What makes us superior is our unmatched registered 3D printing technology. We call it ILI™.

speed graph 3d printer-1

ILI™, Intelligent Liquid Interface, integrates a transparent wettable membrane between the photo-curing resin and the light source. The membrane is chemically designed to create a dead zone and inhibit the polymerization between the membrane and the printed object. This eliminates the mechanical processes used on conventional 3D printing techniques allowing us to grow an object continuously at record breaking speeds.


To accommodate to the fast evolving necessities for a 3D printer in a creative world we developed a special algorithm to work with ILI™ that optimizes the printing settings of our 3D prints to achieve the fastest speeds with superb detail and quality.

layer graph 3d printer